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The Sea is our Business

In 1995, the French Olympic Sailing Team turned to Zeppelin and ordered a boat which did not exist:
a Semi-Rigid Craft combining durability, stability and comfort, at a level never previously attained. 

The engineers worked tirelessly to design a hull which forms a body with the elements,
absorbs impacts and stays on course without deviating. This was the origin of the Deep V Hull,
an innovation which has been greeted enthusiastically both by professionals
and now by pleasure boaters eager for thrills. 


We have rigorously tested a number of RIBs in some of the toughest conditions the Atlantic Ocean has to offer, and none have stood up to the challenge as well as Zeppelin.

The deep V-Hull and the pronounced strakes act as rails which keep the boat firmly on course, and also prevent sea spray. While the durable tubes maintain the RIBs buoyancy keeping you safe and dry. 

The solid structure makes this one of the safest RIB boats in the water, and keeps you comfortable even in rough weather. 

Several models in the Zeppelin range are classified as unsinkable, allowing you to enjoy every outing to the full.

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At the Zeppelin factory located in France the skilled team of boat builders take a lot of time, care and effort to ensure each RIB passes the rigorous tests put in place. 

Zeppelin RIBs are made using Hypalon 1670 Decitex, a virtually wear-proof membrane cut, cold bonded and assembled by hand. The precision finish of the tubes provides an air tight design that ensures your Zeppelin RIB is well equipped to resist the weather and built to last. 

Comfort and Safety is always put first in the construction process. A wide rubbing strip around the tubes provides a veritable shield, protecting the boat against impacts and scratching.  

Custom Design

Every Zeppelin RIB ordered is tailor-made to be the perfect fit. With a wide range of customisable options to choose from you really do have a say in everything. 

We work closely with the design team in France to communicate your every need, ensuring the whole process is an enjoyable and exciting time. 

Since we became established with Zeppelin in 2000 we have had and continue to have a big influence on the design of the RIBs, creating more stylish interiors and practical features. 

The spacious designs also allows for more of your friends and family to jump aboard your Zeppelin, whilst always feeling safe and comfortable whatever the weather. 

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