anti fouling

copper coating

Both Anti Fouling and Copper Coating will protect your boats hull from marine growth.
Without it, the growth of marine algae can significantly affect the performance of your RIB, 
as well as having a significant affect on fuel efficiency.

Benefits of Anti Fouling

Anti Fouling your boat will help to prevent the damaging effects of marine growth, and will therefore help you to get the best performance from your boat. 

Many people ask ‘How long does Anti Fouling paint last?’
This varies depending on how much time your boat spends in the water, however Anti Fouling paint will usually last up to 1-2 seasons before having to be re-applied. 

Here at Atlantic Boating Services we only use the highest quality products. We use International Ultra 300 High Speed for Antifouling, as well as many other international products for priming and more. 

Benefits of Copper Coating

The combination of high copper content and biocides ensures a clean hull and ultra low growth rates. This will increase the speed of your boat at lower revs, lowering fuel consumption and creating less wear on the engine.

Coppercoat will also help to protect GRP boats against osmotic attack, thanks to its waterproof epoxy resin. 

A single treatment of Copper Coating will last for at least ten years. Giving you maximum performance in your RIB for multiple seasons! Simply hose down the hull to remove any build up of slime around once a year.

The biggest plus of all, Coppercoat is less harmful to the environment. Due to its epoxy base it is classified as non-eroding. Copper coating has been tested and approved by the Health and Safety Executive, in compliance with UK and EU law.