Suzuki MFD

GPS and VHF Systems

GPS and VHF systems are important to have when venturing out to sea.

GPS and depth sounder systems are essential for navigation safety. These systems can help you to avoid hazardous areas and keep you out of harms way, giving you more confidence and allowing you to enjoy a comfortable boating experience. Many GPS systems also provide a fish finder system, making it easier for you to see what is below the surface of your boat and suss out the best fishing spots. 

We are very excited to now be installing Suzuki’s recent release, the Multi-Function Display (MFD). With the Multi-Function Display you have all the information you need at the touch of a finger, making it easier for you to control a number of devices on your boat. Get in touch with your surrounding environment, as well as being connected to global weather. 

The MFD is available in 7, 9, 12 and 16 inch screens.

Primarily VHF systems allow you to communicate with harbours, rescue services and other boats, keeping you and your family safe.



We provide bespoke lighting solutions for RIB Boats. We fit both deck lighting and underwater LED lights so you can really light up the night!

As well as being a stylish addition to your boat, deck lighting is also great for added safety. The deck lighting enables your friends and family to navigate their way around the boat easily at night. Extra lighting in cabinets and lockers is also extremely beneficial when searching for those items you safely stored away earlier in the day. 

Underwater LED lighting offers a range of colour and mounting options to help create incredible lighting and allows you to enjoy more time on the water. It’s fantastic for fishing and having fun with friends and family. The lighting is easily operated via an app on your phone meaning you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 

Ocean LED

Audio Systems

Push the boundaries of what you thought was possible on the water. Create a truly immersive experience and invest in a stereo system that delivers high quality sound in your boat. 

We install top of the range entertainment systems that provide revolutionary technology and innovative design.  The latest stereo systems produce higher quality audio streaming than ever before, providing a technically superior listening experience.

These stereo systems are now also more practical to use out on the water. LCD colour touchscreen display allows you to simply tap the screen to pause and play, and rather than trying to fiddle around with small buttons you can easily swipe through playlists or radio stations.